Our primary role as ecotourism marketing and adventure travel business consultants is to increase your bookings, arrivals, profits, and knowledge, while lowering your costs, in the fastest period of time. We do this by evaluating your needs, creating an action plan for your success and helping implement it.

timstudentsOne of “Tourism Tim’s” multi-day training’s he did on site in 2001 & 2002 for the USAID funded Mongolian Tourism Association

Two Key Tourism Business and Marketing Questions for You:

  • Are you so busy trying to start, run or grow your tour business, lodge, travel agency, tourism board or association, that many opportunities that increase sales, arrivals and profits are missed or overlooked?
  • Do you lack the expertise, or the passion for tourism marketing, social media, sales, publicity, or operations, management and planning?

Can you relate to either of these two key questions that can radically impact your tourism business ? If so our adventure travel business consulting can help!

What Are Tourism Professionals Success Secrets?

Tourism Tim Warren with Sir Richard Branson on a business retreat in the BVI’s

Tourism Tim Warren with Sir Richard Branson on a business retreat in the BVI’s

Successful tourism professionals know that development of your tourism marketing and business skills, resources and staff’s professional knowledge is one of the best returns on investments you can make. Without professional development and a good actionable plan, a tourism business can stagnate and dreams turn into nightmares…

We work in partnership with you and independently to help you:

  1. Increase bookings and arrivals
  2. Create profitable results
  3. Avoid costly mistakes
  4. Stay on the path to achieve your short and long-term tourism goals.

Since 1994, Adventure Business Consultants has a proven track record of helping adventure travel, ecotourism and nature-based tour operators, lodges & resorts, travel agents, travel destinations, tourism associations and tourism board professionals increase bookings, profits, arrivals and economic development while improving their quality of life as tourism professionals.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Check out the comments from many new and seasoned tourism, travel and hospitality below and on the “Who We Are page plus look at the many critical ecotourism and adventure travel business consulting areas below we can help you launch, grow and prosper in. 

Nancy & Terry Prichard

Your consultation has helped me better understand the secrets of marketing.

nancyprichardI can now plan a marketing strategy that will achieve the best return on time and money."  Nancy & Terry Prichard, Co-Founders, Sea Kayak Adventures

Business Consulting, Coaching, Project Management & Trainings

Let’s face it. Without enough bookings or arrivals, your travel, tourism or hospitality business or destination will struggle and lose money. So 100% of our adventure travel business consulting usually starts with helping you with your marketing and sales, especially your online marketing and travel website since that is where 95% or more of your prospect are finding you, or not…

But a successful tourism business is SO MUCH more than just your marketing and sales. That’s why – unlike many other tourism business consultant – we also can help you with Business Operations, Strategic Planning, Management & Leadership Development and more. Here’s a list below of the online marketing we focus on.

Ecotourism & Adventure Travel Business Consulting & Marketing
to Increase Your Bookings and Arrivals

Tourism Internet Marketingadventure travel business consulting

  • Travel website: design, copy writing, lead generation and promotion
  • E-mail newsletters and databases
  • Search engines optimization: key words strategies, link building campaign, ranking & traffic enhancement.

Social Media Tourism Marketing

  • How to increase your social media reviews, website traffic and quality leads from TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google+ and more
  • How to get your best clients recommending you more in social media
  • How to increase social engagements & “Likes” without a lot of effort 

Sales Enhancement – How to Convert Shoppers into Buyers

I define marketing as “getting your phone to ring or email inquiries to come in”. Sales is “making the booking and getting the money or increasing arrivals” for your destination. Here’s some of the sales areas we can help you in:

  • Phone and customer service skills training
  • Travel tradeshow selling that generate leads and bookings
  • How to creating win/win relations with booking agents or quality adventure travel operators or lodge
  • How to turn your operations staff into great sales associates too. 

Marketing That Generates Quality Leads and Revenuesadventure travel business consulting on finance

  • Advertising – strategy, design, copy writing and placement
  • Copy writing / editing – letters, brochures, articles, websites and more
  • Direct Mail – creation, implementation and mailing lists
  • Marketing “action plans” – local, regional and international
  • Public speaking & presentations as a marketing tool
  • Referral marketing promotion- get your clients to do your selling for you
  • Special event – creation and coordination
  • Trade shows – exhibits, marketing strategy and presentation skills
  • Tourism Marketing Success Online Course

Publicity That Radically Increases Inquiries & Bookings

  • Media & feature story promotion
  • How to work with travel writers
  • Getting the attention of media professionals with press releases

Norman & Carolyn Vaughan

Thank you for working with us. We appreciate your time, honesty, sincerity and creativity


norman-carolyn-vaughanNorman & Carolyn Vaughan, Owners, Adventure Quest


Adventure Travel Business Consulting – Operations

No matter how good your marketing and sales efforts, without quality operations, your business will struggle and your dream can turn into a “nightmare”.

When your tourism business operates well, you will:adventure travel business consulting and stategic planning

  • Have better customer service and a great brand
  • More positive “word of mouth” advertising
  • Increase sales and lower marketing costs
  • Reduce staff turnover and management problems
  • Have a more fun
  • Make more money
  • Sell your travel business for more money

Below are some core travel business operations for adventure travel, ecotourism and nature travel we can help you with.

Operations: Office, Field and Lodge

  • Find, hire and train key staff
  • Customer service training
  • Safety and security program development and communication
  • Product development – itineraries, pricing, diversification
  • Insurance and liability guidance

Sergio A. Ballivian

I have no doubt that our joining of forces will be a truly beneficial move for both of us


 Sergio A. Ballivian, President, Explore Bolivia


Strategic planning and adventure travel business consultingTourism Business Strategic Planning      

Way too often, adventure travel business consulting on strategic planning is either not done or is so unrealistic, nothing moves forward.  Or a huge business plan that sits on your shelf and never get used…This will hurt your business. And cause more struggle.

I hate struggle and know it doesn’t have to be that way.

I believe in creating a concise “Action Plans” that are unique based on your current and near future needs, budget, and human resources and skills. An action plan that is simple, easy and prioritized to give you the step by step guidance to improve ALL aspects of your tourism business.

  • Business analysis – the written road map for your success
  • Business plans – assessment, creation, and tracking
  • Financial analysis – budgets, projections, cash flow, improving profits
  • Goals – creating, coaching and tracking
  • International business – business and alliances in and outside the United   States
  • Non-profit companies – putting the profit into “non-profit”
  • Competitive Research to know how to best compete
  • Actionable demographics, market analysis and trends

Management & Leadership Development

Tourism Tim Warren & Sabrina Braham MA PCC working in Dominican Republic

Tourism Tim Warren & Sabrina Braham management consulting in Dominican Republic for USAID

At the end of the day, it all comes down to people. Both your guests, clients, staff and yourself.  Success and strength here is critical. And it is a skill you CAN learn and improve This is another huge benefit of working with Adventure Business Consultant with our over 50 years’ collective expertise in management and leadership development for small to medium sized businesses.  Focus areas include


  • Customer service – theory, training and practice
  • Human resources – policies, procedures, hiring and quality standards
  • Management – performance improvement, teamwork, dealing with change
  • Goal setting that keep you and the team on track
  • Staff training – motivation, sales, safety, and customer service
  • Communications training
  • Conflict resolutions

Kevin Warren

Tim's advice and his direct actions have given me greater clarity of our company goals, created new services to sell and seriously enhanced our revenues

 Kevin Warren, President, Baja AirVentures & Las Animas Ecolodge


Business Consulting • Leadership Coaching • Project Management

Here are your 4 options towards more travel & tourism sales, increased arrivals and
reaching your goals with Adventure Business Consultants

Option # 1:
  Comprehensive Business/Marketing Analysis with Action Plan

pexels-photo-110473Our tourism consulting services start off with a comprehensive business/marketing analysis of your business (or future business) followed by a written game plan/outline. You’ll receive a detailed action plan that’s reviewed with “Tourism Tim” Warren personally covering your areas of biggest opportunities, answers to your greatest challenges, as well as our guidance in how to achieve your goals.

In additions to the areas mentioned above, your personalized “action plan” will also include:

  • Summary of what you need to focus on – Our deep analysis will uncover your key problems and concerns, create prioritized strategies to solve them and help keep you on track.
  • Financial analysis & suggestions – Our analysis is unique and will give you the information you need to control your finances. Let us help you solve cash flow challenges, pricing, costs, under capitalization, as well as prepare your tourism business for expansion, acquisitions and diversification. Learn what makes you profits and how-to avoid that, which doesn’t.
  • And much more! – If you are ready to create greater success and satisfaction in your tourism profession and want help, give us a call. Your investment with Adventure Business Consultants will be one of the best things you ever did to increase your profits and arrivals while lowering costs. Our goal is to increase the quality of your life through a more successful tourism business. 

Option # 2: Long-term Tourism Business Consulting and Project Management

workstation-405768_1280Once we have reviewed the analysis and marketing suggestions together, you have the option of taking the suggestions and implementing them yourself or hiring us to help implement them.

If you see value in what we have done for you and want assistance in creating a more profitable tourism operation, we then compare priorities and further develop action/cost and time-line plans that we can implement on your behalf.

Long-term project management and public relations is a commitment that will allow your tourism board or tourism business to make significant improvements in the key areas that effect tourism profits or arrivals. We will coach and be in partnership with you on a step by step process that achieves results. Like anything, more concentrated efforts over time, yields more results.

Option #3: Short Term Tourism Marketing, Business and Management Coaching

Some people don’t need an action plan or long term help. They just want a regular professional guidance and assistance to start or grow their business. Short-term coaching is customized to your needs based on where you are at with your business and where you would like to go.

Call today, (707) 867-1496 or e-mail us for an INITIAL CONSULTATION and find out how you can start improving your tourism profits and success!

Option #4: Tourism Business, Marketing & Operations Trainings:  Live & Online

Do you have an upcoming tourism conference, association or larger business that needs some educational training? Nothing beats a good live workshop or the convenience of a online webinar to enhance your conference or grow your travel business success.

We love doing live trainings the most.  Most of our workshops last 90 minutes. But we have also done 10-day, all day workshop for tourism associations for USAID economic development programs from Mongolia to the Dominican Republic.

For more ideas on the extensive scope of our live and online training topics, please visit our Tourism Business and Marketing trainings webpage here.   Then call us @ (707) 867-1496 or e-mail us to discuss your trainings needs.


Nichole Smaglick

Tim is the best consultant we have worked with in the industry...

nichole-smaglickHis analysis was thorough and insightful. His holistic approach put all the pieces together in a focused, easy to understand format. And most of all, his suggestions were actionable, not just theoretical." Nichole Smaglick, Executive Director Another Land

Adventure Travel Business Consulting & Analysis Investmentsman-notebook-notes-macbook

All interviews and correspondences, analysis of your tourism business plan or concept, review of all promotional material and web site, analysis of your current needs, written recommendations plus my verbal feedback and advice range from US$6,000 – US$30,000 or more depending on size, status, and number of elements in your tourism project. We’ll give you a quote with deliverables after an initial phone consultation/interview, online questionnaire and reviewing your website to determining your specific needs and the scope of your adventure travel business consulting project.

Project Management  & Executive Coaching

We work on a project by project basis or can implement an entire plan over time. A written project management quote with priorities outline will be given as part of your tourism marketing/business analysis and action plan. 1 on 1 Executive Coaching is available on a limited basis and requires a minimum of a three-month commitment. We are dedicated to helping you have profitable progress of your most pressing problem or most important goals. Call or email us today to see if you qualify and if we have coaching space available.

To insure maximum return on your investment, Adventure Business Consultants and our associates limit the quantity of clients we will work with at one time. We also will not work with directly competing companies concurrently.

We hope that this information has helped answer your questions. We look forward to assisting you and your teams build a solid foundation for long-term tourism profit and fun.

Call today, (707) 867-1496 or e-mail us for an INITIAL CONSULTATION and find out how you can start improving your tourism profits and success!

Sincerely, “Tourism Tim” Warren and Team

PS. Be sure to check out Tourism Professional’s Comments and more “about us” to see why dozens of tourism professionals just like you; give Adventure Business Consultants, “2 Thumbs Up!”

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