Reservation & Booking Checklist  for Booking Agents

  1. Check latest availability online or call for dates and space openings.checklist for booking
  2. Always book your clients into the trips most guaranteed to depart and that’s closest to the dates your clients wanted. Know trip minimums for supplier.
  3. Call supplier to confirm space and date availability.
  4. Make reservation with a deposit and written letter or fax. Ask for written confirmation from supplier.
  5. Fax cancellation/release of liability form for your guests signature.
  6. Have them mail a hard copy of release with original signature to you.
  7. Fax hard copy of reservation form to suppliers main office.
  8. Mail your check payable to supplier immediately. Reservations will usually be held from booking agents only up to 5 business days without a deposit.
  9. Know your suppliers terms, conditions and your commissions in writing. Update annually if necessary.
  10. Know when commissions are earned and to be subtracted from payments.
  11. Mail complete confirmation packet to your client’s:Cover letter encouraging returning the release forms and referring their friends and family to join them on their trip if there’s space. (More commissions)
    • General Information – frequently asked questions, where to meet, special considerations, etc.
    • Sample itinerary
    • Special clothing & equipment rules. Suggestions on where to buy.
    • General Overview of region.
    • Additional reading material list or book gift.
  12. Upon receiving the signed originals cancellation/release of liability forms from your client’s, please mail to suppliers main office.

Matching the right guest with the right adventure

  1. Call if you have any questions about food, lodging, comfort, safety, activities, mixing different groups, etc.
  2. Make sure your clients are fully aware of the level of comfortable and exertion the itinerary calls for.
  3. It’s better to exceed guest expectations then the opposite.

Supplier Support

  1. A savvy supplier will support your success. Create strong relations. You need each other. Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  2. Check to see if there’s are slides available for your public presentations.
  3. A promotional video may be available that you can put your contact information on.
  4. See if there’s print and electronic marketing copy used before successfully by the suppliers to sell a trip that you can use too.
  5. Often suppliers will provide co-op money for advertising, public presentations. Ask for it.