Tourism Marketing Tools: Press Trip Agreement

Tourism press trip agreements

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You have been invited to join a press trip with one of our clients ________________________. This document will serve as a contract between you, the journalist, and our client, your host.

Responsibilities of the Journalist

It is expected that the journalist will conduct himself or herself as any other guest on the trip.

The journalist must be in contact with the outfitter or tour operator to inform them of arrival times, dates and locations.

The journalist will assure they are not disrupting the business at hand on the trip. If you wish to interview a guide or host, please ask them what would be a good time to meet with them, rather than interrupting them at an inopportune time.It must never be divulged that writers are taking this trip as a complimentary guest. That is proprietary information and, if spread to other guests, may devalue their investment in their trip.

This trip is being provided for the purpose of gathering information for expected articles. It is not a personal vacation. It is expected that the journalist will write the story, or stories, based on their experience as soon as possible, and that they will provide clippings to both the client and to Adventure Travel Media Source.

If the journalist fails to abide by the rules of professionalism, or terms predetermined, they may be required to pay the operator for expenses incurred.

Responsibilities of the Host

The outfitter/tour operator will host the journalist and treat them the same as any other guest. This is important to both parties, as the writer will want to write articles based on the experience anyone booking the trip would expect.

The host will make themselves available for conversations, questions or interviews at a time or times convenient to the safety and comfort of their guests.

The host and Adventure Travel Media Source will provide brochures, printed materials and online press kits, and answer questions before and after the press trip, to assist in the writing of resulting articles.

The host will do everything within the parameters of the press invitation to assure a good experience for the journalist.

Signed in agreement:

Host ______________ Journalist ______________


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