Sabrina Braham MA PCC 

Coach Sabrina Braham MA PCC in ThailandManagement • Communications • Team Building • Executive Coach

  • Senior Associate
  • Over 25 years Experience

Sabrina helps tourism professionals solve their most difficult people problems, improve communication and enhance team building. Sabrina works with key decision makers, CEO’s, CFO’s and top level managers for breakthrough thinking to achieve individual and company goals, and become accountable at a higher level of functioning.

With over 26 years experience, Sabrina lives in Wine country, Northern California, holds a Master of Arts in Psychology, is a licensed therapist, certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and uses games and simulations and Accelerated Learning techniques for better results and increased retention.

“RBT’s sales goals have been met and exceeded. The results from our work together helped me focus on effective and efficient ways to increase my business without increasing my stress. I highly recommend Sabrina to anyone needing a business coach.”

-Sarah Reeves, President, Reeves Business training

t_s-wedding11sabrina-podcast-300dpiAs a result of all of this expertise, she has designed and developed unique programs that will make a difference in your company or association. She inspires her clients to transform their organization as they create their own futures. Sabrina has handled every conceivable personnel and labor relations problem known. Usually without litigation or increased strife, and almost always within or under budget. Our psychology and organizational development background gives us the ability to solve complex problems. Adventure Business Consultants is honored to have her part of our consulting team.

For more details on how Sabrina Braham can help your tourism management, team building and communication: Check out Sabrina’s web site.


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