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my spiritual travel business has doubled…

testimonials from Sharee James Ashima Journeys“Investing in mentorship and courses is essential in any business, and since doing Tim’s online course, my spiritual travel business has doubled and my website is waaaaaay better!”

Sharee James, Founder Ashima Journeys

after a 45% “tour sales” increase last year, I expected to be happy…

Tim, I was glad you used our testimonial. The truth is powerful and the truth is after a 45% increase last year, I expected to be happy with just maintaining that level of sales this season. We are already at a 20% increase over last year this time so… it’s better than expected!

I am absolutely certain that the improvements we have made on our website have helped with this growth. We do offer a great service and the word of mouth advertising has been great but, I never would have thought “word of mouth” or testimonials on the website would garner so much notice and have so much weight in a persons decision to call. I might have even been worried when my competitor called in a panic earlier this year because their booking were down by 50% but, we already had our calendar filling up!

testimonials from tour operator Doreen Toller, Alaska Tour GuidesThank YOU so very much for your mentorship and don’t give up on what you do because you do it so well and there’s people like me who NEED your help. Feel free to use anything I say in a testimonial. I want others to know… these small steps to improvement DO yield big results if they stay the course, or in this case… purchase the Tourism Marketing Course!”

Doreen and Bob Toller, Alaskan Tour Guides & Tollers Timbers B&B

Tim is an amazing resource

Tim is an amazing resource and a must for anyone in the niche tourism sector. I am proud to have him as my mentor and as part of the Bon Beer Voyage advisory board.

Ruth & Mike Berman, Founders  Bon Beer Voyage

I made $4,000 in new travel website sales in minutes!

austin_sm_new“Tim, Clara and I would like to thank you for your time and your great ideas. Our initial investment was way more than worth it and we want to continue our relationship. The things we did wrong or not at all make us wish we had contacted you several years ago.”

Jerry Austin, Austin’s Alaska Adventures, Iditarod Hall of Fame Inductee

I don’t know what I do without you!

testimonials from Donna Hunter Mariah Wilderness Expeditions“I’ve been in business over 18 years and you have re-energized our business, my enthusiasm and increased our professionalism significantly. Thank you. I don’t know what I do without you! P.S. August ’99 rafting was the busiest in our history!”

 Donna Hunter, Co-Owner Mariah Wilderness Expeditions

Your consultation has helped me better understand
the secrets of marketing.

Testimonials from Nancy Prichard Sea Kayak AdventuresI can now plan a marketing strategy that will achieve the best return on time and money.”

Nancy & Terry Prichard, Co-Founders, Sea Kayak Adventures

Thank you for working with us. We appreciate your time, honesty, sincerity and creativity

norman-carolyn-vaughanNorman & Carolyn Vaughan, Owners, Adventure Quest

He is generous in helping and appreciating others…

Testimonials from Wendy Brewer Lama, KarmaQuest Ecotourism and Adventure Travel“Tourism Tim” is a sharp and creative idea man, the most dynamic tourism marketing expert I know. He is generous in helping and appreciating others, and develops easy to use materials that truly make a difference in enabling tourism professionals to deliver an effective market message. He is the perfect Ambassador, overflowing with goodwill, knowledge, talent, enthusiasm and years of experience.”

Wendy Lama, Owner, KarmaQuest Ecotourism and Adventure Travel

Working together to implement your action plan has allowed us to accomplish things we have dreamed of for years

Testimonials from Norm Shoenhoff, Whitewater Excitement California River Rafting“We originally hired you to analyze our business and give us a tourism marketing plan. But it has turn out to be so much more! Working together to implement your action plan has allowed us to accomplish things we have dreamed of for years, gain top ranking in the Internet in a very competitive market and increase our business in the post 9/11 years. Thanks Tim!”

 Norm Shoenhoff – President, Whitewater Excitement –

We really appreciate Tim’s friendly down to earth approach,
he is a lot of fun to work with.

jayamarrWe hired Tim to help us out in the very early stages of our company. Tim gave us an insight into the black magic of marketing and sales and empowered us to feel like we could learn how to do this ourselves. We are now five years on and the company is thriving.
We really appreciate Tim’s friendly down to earth approach, he is a lot of fun to work with. Thanks Tim!

Jaya Marr Expedition Director at Mountain Training School

I have no doubt that our joining of forces will be
a truly beneficial move for both of

Tesimonials from Sergio Ballivian, Explore Bolivia

Sergio A. Ballivian, President, Explore Bolivia

Tourism Lodges & Destinations

Tim’s advice and his direct actions have given me greater clarity of our company goals, created new services to sell and seriously enhanced our revenues

kevin-warren Kevin Warren, President, Baja AirVentures & Las Animas Ecolodge, Baja Mexico
#1 Tripadvisor Specialty Lodging in Baja California

His methods for improving conversions and building repeat sales are a measurable benefit for any lodge that implements them, no matter what your industry.

Testimonials from Douglas LampiTim helps tourism companies increase sales and grow their business. His methods for improving conversions and building repeat sales are a measurable benefit for any lodge that implements them, no matter what your industry.

Douglas Lampi Tourism Digital Marketing Manager, Graphic Intuitions Inc.

Your book is certainly coming in useful.

I was frustrated because I couldn’t get my brochure cover uploaded to the printer – it kept timing out. But then I read your book, and realized the cover needs serious changes. So it was a good thing I didn’t have it uploaded and being printed already! Now I’ve got another chance to fix it up based on some of your suggestions.”

Deanna, Adventurous Wench


wanted to thank you again for your expert coaching.
Your depth and breadth of knowledge are invaluable.

Every suggestion you have given and I have implemented has reaped immediate rewards: prospect interest, prospects turned into clients and client satisfaction have all increased thanks to your input. You are a remarkable resource and I can only say to other adventure travel companies who are considering your services: just do it. It is the best investment you will ever make.”

Kim Tally, Tally Ho Adventures Amazon River Tours


We have no hesitancy whatsoever in recommending you for any project connected
with ‘Soft Adventure Tourism.’ We consider you one of our most valued consultants

Leo Jacobson, President, Aquatels Caribbean Floting Suites
Puerto Rico

Tourism Economic Development • Tourism Media • NGO’s

 Tim is definitely one of a kind.

Tim was hired for The Competitiveness Initiative – a three year USAID-funded technical assistance project – to build the professionalism and strengthen the capacity of Mongolian tour operators.

Tim is definitely one of a kind. Not only does he have incredible experience in his field, he is able to motivate and create enthusiasm among the people he works with, teach and mentor them effectively and enable them to implement very practical solutions that lead to tangible results. I am looking forward to working with him again and enabling others to benefit from his endeavors.

Alan SafferyTestimonials from Alan Saffery of tourism economic development USAID Competitiveness, Economic Development and Private Sector Development Consultant

I have worked in the tourism industry for 30 years and if I don’t know the answer I will refer to Tim.

Tourism Tim is a legend in the tourism industry in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. His knowledge in all aspects of running and operating a tourism business is second to none. Tim can look at a business and very quickly anaylsis and know what needs to be done to turn a business around.

In recent years Tim’s skill and knowledge in digital and online tourism marketing has become his forte. He is at the front of being able to harness online and Social media tools so that your tourism business will turn into a cash machine. It is one thing to know the business but being able to communicate it is another. Here Tim is a master with his podcast,webcast, webinars and online lecturing making him one of the most sort after teahers and thought leaders in the tourism industry.

I have worked in the tourism industry for 30 years and if I dont know the answer I will refer to Tim. If you are owner operator,large, small or multi national tourism or travel business Tim will have some to offer.

Manny PapadoulisTestimonials from Manny Papadoulis WA Tourism WA Business Development at Itours Australia: Digital Visitor Experience

If you don’t know or currently work with Tim Warren you should.

“Tim is a rare breed of impassioned individuals who has dedicated his career and life to the promotion of travel and its success as a growing industry. His perspective and advice has always been right on and he has the ability to cut to the chase… to what really matters in your business.”

Testimonials from Dave Wiggins Adventure Travel ExpertDave Wiggins, 40 Year Adventure Travel Business Expert

His advice on tourism marketing and the travel business is invaluable.

Tim Warren is the consummate professional and a dynamic marketeer. His advice on tourism marketing and the travel business is invaluable. Working together in the adventure travel industry has been a distinct pleasure. I would recommend Tim’s services as a tourism marketing consultant without hesitation.

Nancy E. HarrisonTestimonials from Nancy E Harrison, Adventure Media  Founder, CEO, Adventure Media

I admire how he does things and his enthusiasm. Thank you, Tim

At present I’m working on a rather big tourism project. I serched all over the world for a professional tourism marketeer to work with me and was recommended Tourism Tim. He immediately accepted my invitation to cooperate. As a professional marketing and PR-advisor I thought I knew something about marketing, but that’s nothing compared to Tourism Tim’s knowledge of this industry. I admire how he does things and his enthusiasm. Thank you, Tim!

Testimonials from Tor KjolbergTor Kjølberg, Editor in Chief at www.dailyscandinavian.com

Tim was a pleasure to work with on a community-based
nature tourism plan for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

His knowledge and desire helped us develop a model to drive traffic to this region in a cost-effective way.

Testimonials from Jeremy Garrett J2L EventsJeremy Garrett, President  of Natour Communications & J2L Events LLC

Travel Agencies & Travel Consultants

 The only regret was why don’t we join his consulting since 2007.
My business must have been better earlier. 

My sister and I bought Tim’s e-book in 2007. Sep 2012 , we bought his course VDO learning , Tourism Marketing Success Course. Later Dec 2012 , we joined his consulting course for 3 months. April 2013 , we started the second consulting course ,after one month break. The only regret was why don’t we join his consulting since 2007. My business must have been better earlier.

It was wonderful to work with Tim. He did introduce new strategy for us. He also walked us through the complex process and guideline to all thing such as planning, day to day basic, recommend tool and technique for operation and marketing. He listened our complain if we meet the difficulty. He was a cheer leader, when we feel down. He read and helping to design our new products.

Whatever, my sister and I could expect from his course, Tim delivered well. We were help and learn along the 7 months and it bring a amazing result. We have lot of direct booking than last year.

Thank you very Tim. See you in Thailand soon.

Pimolpun LarpyongyosTestimonal from Pimolpun Larpyongyos Let's Tour Bangkok Tours. Owner, LJ Biz, Let’s Tour Bangkok

Tim has helped me tremendously with my business,
I trust his judgment and guidance 100%.

Funny, marking all the attributes above in Tim’s case TRULY is accurate (great results, personable, expert, on time, integrity and creative). Tim has helped me tremendously with my business, I trust his judgment and guidance 100%. He really is spot on with tourism trends and marketing that can truly increase your bottom line. I just cannot say enough, THANK YOU TIM!!

Laura J. Howardlaura-j-howard, Owner at Beyond Touring – BELIZE Travel

Tim holds great insight into marketing strategies
for the adventure travel business.

He was a pleasure to work for I very much value the various international project experience I gained with Tim.

Shannon Guihanshannon-guihan Director, Bannikin Travel & Tourism/Partner at Continent Blue

Tim Warren is one of the best consultants I know
in the Tourism Business.

He offers practical and effective ideas while making the process fun and creative. I would highly recommend Tim.

Roseann IovineTestimonials from Roseann Iovine, Outdoor Travel Adventures Owner, Outdoor Travel Adventures & Area Manager Protravel International

Tim is the best consultant we have worked with in the industry…

His analysis was thorough and insightful. His holistic approach put all the pieces together in a focused, easy to understand format. And most of all, his suggestions were actionable, not just theoretical.”

Nichole Smaglick, Executive Director Another Land

After 17 year of defining our goals, both Sue and I needed some inspiration to get moving again and your expertise in the travel arena was just what we needed. Our business has definitely benefited from the relationship. The weekly scheduled progress reports helped keep us on schedule and defined our short and long term goals.

Dave Markam, Co-owner, Venture Outdoors
Idaho & Baja, Mexico


Your consultation and guidance throughout the process was professional, informative, creative, and considerate. The analysis report you generated for us provided us with a wealth of new approaches and suggestions that we know will yield greater profits.

bob-tremblayBob & Kira Tremblay, Co-Director, Mountain Lynx Outdoor Adventures
East Coast

Thanks for the excellent job of the “Marketing, sales and operational analysis”. Working with you definitely gave us a great road map for us to do soft adventure travel tours in China

morgan-zaoMorgan Zhao, CEO, Panda International Adventures

Tim has a gifted understanding of both the adventure travel industry and the art of marketing. He was the obvious choice to ask for assistance in developing our marketing and exposure plan for Adventure Travel Business

Matt Warren, Advertising Sales Manger
Adventure Travel Business Magazine

Your in-depth consultation has helped me a great deal. Your professionalism has efficiently helped me achieve my goals

javier-chungJavier Chung, President
Tsanza Adventures

You gave us any number of good ideas to use with the Panama project and answered a lot of substantive key questions that we had. Thanks again for your valuable help

Richard Loth, President, Richann Corp.

I’m glad to have you a part of our team and would readily advise you make him part of yours

Dave Mulligan, Editor
Adventure Travel Business

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