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Tourism Business Marketing Resources

Business, Marketing, Management & Leadership Training Podcasts 

If you have never listen to podcasts, they are great to listen to, learn and prosper no matter what you are doing. I love listening to them while I drive, flying or sometimes even when I work outside. You can download them to most phones, tablets and desktop computers and enjoy anywhere, anytime.

Here are two podcasts from me and Sabrina Braham MA PCC that combined can provide you Masters level tourism business, marketing, management and leadership training guaranteed. Our podcast are fun, easy, focused learning and they are FREE!

Let us know what you think of them and what additional tourism business marketing resources and topics you would like to see.

Travel Business Success Radio Podcast:

Join me as share best practices of thought leaders in tourism marketing, travel business and hospitality management. I’ll show you how-to start, grow and succeed with your tourism business, travel marketing and hospitality management with success stories, expert interviews, training and education.

4-15-84020-tbs-podcast-version-2You will discover how profitable tour operators, travel agents, lodges, hoteliers, DMO’s & NGO’s worldwide use tourism marketing, social media, internet marketing and more to increase bookings, arrivals and profits. Listen and subscribe today in iTunes to get ACTIONABLE tips and learn new SIMPLE and EASY strategies to improve your travel business success – and your bottom line! Almost 60 shows and growings. Thanks in advance for listening, subscribing and your 5-star reviews!

Also I recommend you go direct to Travel Business to access all my podcast show notes and more resources to help you succeed in your travel business dream.

Most popular topics: tourism business marketing resources include:

  • Tour Guide Careers | How to Be a Great Guide
  • Tour Operator Marketing Success Interviews
  • How to use Tripadvisor to grow quality website traffic
  • Top internet tourism marketing mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to Start an Adventure Travel Business and Career
  • Tour operator liability Insurance tips
  • How to use Podcasts to Promote your travel Business
  • How to Work with travel Media and Press Trips
  • Travel Advertising with Google and Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Tourism Social Media Marketing That Generates Bookings
  • Working with Travel Agents
  • Travel Website Marketing: Why Traffic is NOT the answer to Increased Sales
  • And so much more. Almost 60 shows and Growing!

sabrina-podcast-300dpiWomen’s Leadership Success Radio Podcast:

Entertaining and educational interviews with successful CEO’s, managers and entrepreneurs to help you influence people, improve performance, get promoted, increase earnings and enhance your job/life balance (but not just for women).

Since 1989, Sabrina Braham MA PCC has helped 100’s with business leadership skills, career development and profitable executive coaching advice. Listen and subscribe today in iTunes

Some of the top leadership & management topics for tourism entrepreneurs include:

  • Habits of a Happy Brain for Leaders
  • Career Development Strategies for Women
  • How to Navigate Career Development: Work Life Balance
  • Customer Service The Sandler Way
  • Get More Stuff Done with the “2 Second Lean”
  • Politics of Promotion – How Women Leaders Advance Their Careers
  • Stress Management for Women in Business
  • Leadership Tips – How to Overcome Great Adversity 
  • Emotional Intelligence: The Hidden Driver of Success
  • Empowerment Through Negotiation
  • Over 80 shows and growing.

Tourism Business & Marketing Videos 

Tourism Business & Marketing Videos 

I love to watch and make videos as training and educational tools. They are the ultimate in tourism business marketing resources. Video adds the ability to also see website examples when I am coaching, meet tourism peers and further be inspired visually too.

Here’s some of my most popular “how to” videos to help your market your tourism business online, plus a series of skype video interviews I call my “ Tour Operator Success Series”.  You can also over 80 additional travel business marketing educational videos and show notes on Travel Business and in my YouTube Channel. And one again, all these training resources for you are free. My gift. 🙂

How to Make Your Travel Website Generate More Leads & Sales

Here is a 3-part tourism website and online marketing training focused on helping you generate more inquiries and bookings from yoru travel website.  Website traffic without leads, sales and more arrivals is a big fat waste of time and money.

These trainings feature website coaching with me and Micheal Zettergren, founder of Adventure Lovers, plus my No BS opinions and suggestions on how to make your “travel website sell”. This series is ideal for ANY business or destintation that is selling any type of travel or travel services.

  • Part III: Tourism Website Marketing Part 3 Video Training

  • Part II: How to Make Your Travel Website Sell: Tourism Marketing Training

  • Part I: How to Succeed in Travel Website Marketing Video Training

Tour Operator Success Interview Series 

One of the best ways to learn the business of tourism faster, easier and for less money, is to find a mentor or coach to guide you on the path. Here some some great inteviews with successful tour operators I admire. Watch these videos. You will be inspired, entertained and learn valuable business, marketing, management, operations and strategic planning insights guaranteed to accelerate your success.  If you feel your travel, tourism or hospitality business  has been very successful and you want to help your peers, contact to see if you qualify.

    • How to Succeed in Your Tour Business: Award Winning Ibex Expeditions Case Study

    • Adventure Travel Tour Operator Business Marketing Success Series. Part II

      Rated #1 Mtn. Bike on Earth, National Geographic Adventure Magazine

    • Adventure Travel Business Success Series Video: Sacred Rides Part I

      Rated #1 Mtn. Bike on Earth, National Geographic Adventure Magazine

    • Alaska Tour Operator Marketing Shares Her Travel Sales Success Tips with Tourism Tim

    • How to Increase Your Tour Sales: Award Winning Tour Operator Shares Tourism Marketing Tips

      Winner: ”Best Tour Operator in the World” Travel & Leisure Magazine

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