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STOP - Exclusive Behind The Scenes Magic For The People...
The Most Powerful
Tourism Marketing Secrets
To Increase Your Bookings
You've Ever Seen!
I’ve Helped 1000’s of Tour Operators, Guides, Travel Agents, B&B’s, Lodges, Resorts, Even DMO’s to Fill Up Their Trips and Increase Arrivals With Happy Paying Customers…
And Now I’ll Show You How To Easily Increase Your Tour Website Sales and Increase Online Traffic … Using Simple Ideas You Can Implement In Less Than Two Hours…
Even If You Have No Experience Marketing on the Internet or Your Money Back!
“If You Want To Increase Sales & Arrivals Fast – Especially Online – Check This Out"
“This the best and easiest tourism marketing program I’ve seen.

Even if you are “technically challenged”, or don’t have a lot of time or money for marketing, you will love this!  It gives you the secrets to turn “travel and holiday shoppers into buyers”

“I highly recommend "Tourism Tim”

Manny Papadoulis: Former CEO of Tourism Council Western Australia, President of Icon Tourism
Dear friend,

If your business relies on lots of happy paying customers, I have some great news for you.
LNot only that. I’m going to show you how you can easily get a lot more bookings much faster and at a lower cost than you ever imagined possible.

My name is Tim Warren. My clients call me “Tourism Tim”. I have been in our tourism industry for over 25 years, but here’s something most don’t know…

I used to be a failure at marketing.

I had to learn the hard way what didn’t work… to discover what works all the time.

And it paid off. It paid off so well in fact, that I got our family adventure travel company revenues to almost US$1 million a year.
“Tourism Tim” Warren
“One-Minute” Marketing Expert“
But Why Should You Care That
I Helped Our Tour Business
Increase Sales to Almost $1 Million a Year?
You probably shouldn’t. But here is something I know you will be interested in.

I took what I learned and put it into a series of simple online training videos that’s so easy, anyone — and I do mean anyone — can use it to grow their own travel business quickly.

Hundreds of people have.

Like JJ Fourie, for example.

JJ owns and operates Magic Day Adventures in Barcelona.

When he first opened his business, bookings were poor.

JJ was a smart guy, but he didn’t understand what made marketing work. As a results, he was deep in the hole with all the money he had spent. (Many people assume that marketing is either a talent you were born with or something you’ll never get. I’m going to show you that’s not true.)

One thing was sure, JJ needed clients FAST… or his business dream was going to fail. That’s when JJ found me and bought my Tourism Marketing Success system.

After going through the system he learned four simple changes he could make to his website, that would immediately start making him money. The great part was they didn’t cost very much, weren’t technical or take very long to do.

But man did they work.

In fact, JJ told me that “he never thought marketing could be so simple and easy.”
His Tour Business Increased 250%
in Less Then 6 Months
JJ followed my simple steps and turned his Dead-On-Arrival website into a blazing hot lead machine that sucked in paying customers!

Inquiries and sales increased…fast. Consumer bookings went WAY UP.
He went from #125 to #6 on TripAdvisor. even contacted him to sell his trip!

You can listen to JJ in his own words below.
“I definitely recommend you follow Tim Warren’s lead….It saves you time & money”
JJ Fourie: Founder, Magic Day Adventures, Barcelona
The One Simple Discovery That Changed Everything
For Our Travel Business… Fast
Just like JJ, and just like many of you, I started out as a tour company owner and operator with my brother Kevin in Baja, Mexico.

I knew everything there was to know about what my potential clients wanted… and how to provide it to them. But when it came to travel marketing… I didn’t know a thing!

When our company was on the verge of closing its doors from lack-of-sales, I threw myself into studying every facet of travel marketing that I could.

I researched the industry. I spoke with people all over the world who ran all kinds of travel businesses, both large and small. Over time, I found out what worked and more importantly… what didn’t!

After all that studying, I had hit upon the most powerful and critical elements found in all successful marketing campaigns.

Our adventure travel company took off. We expanded trips, opened a lodge on the Sea of Cortez, clients and profits kept growing. 
Kevin said; “What blew me away was how simple,
yet powerful your tips were to implement fast.”
While at a travel and hospitality industry conference in the early 90’s I met many other operators who were struggling just like I had been. They just couldn’t seem to make their marketing work either…

Based on the incredible increase we saw in our sales and profits by applying what I had learned, I knew I could help.

But the more business owners I talked to, the more I realized that any marketing system had to have 5 critical components.
Tim and Kevin Warren
(after business success)
The 5 Criteria For An Fast and Easy Tourism Marketing System:
   1. It must work for all travel, Tourism and Hospitality businesses.

2. It must be so simple and easy to follow that even someone with little-to-no marketing experience can do it. 

   3. It must work without a lot of time or money invested.

   4. “Non-technical” people must be able to easily implement it.

   5. It must increase prospects, sales and arrivals (especially online).
I refined and tweaked, until I created something that met all 5 criteria.
But I wanted to be certain that what I had found really worked …

So I started teaching what I had learned to other travel providers, including:
  •  Tour Operators 
  • Travel Agents
  • Guides and Outfitters
  • Resorts & Lodges
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Destination Marketing Organizations
  • Even Government Tourism Boards!
And every single one who implemented these potent tactics experienced dramatic gains in bookings and income…fast.

In fact, they dwarfed their previous years!

I have taken previously struggling companies and completely turned them around.
I’m talking about sales increases of
50%, 100%, 200% or more.
You see, while I had been studying the top tourism marketing gurus, I discovered the secret psychological triggers that turn travel shoppers into buyers.

Triggers that will radically increase the amount of inquiries and sales you get from your website.

If you struggle with your travel, tourism or hospitality sales and want to be SOLD OUT frequently, then you need to read on…
Alaskan Tour Operator Increased Sales 41% in 18 Months
Doreen and Bob Toller run an Alaskan Tour Business and Bed & Breakfast.

In addition to 100’s of competitors, including giants like Carnival Cruise Lines, they were facing the worst recession in 100 years.

Things were tough!

I met Doreen when I was teaching marketing at a travel trade show and she bought my original Tourism Marketing Success guide.

Spending only a few hours a month, she applied the changes to their travel websites and all their marketing materials.

Even though she did everything herself, including their website, leads and sales accelerated.

Their business and profits really started to grow
“In only 18 months we increased sales $192,000”
Doreen Toller:
Co-Owner, Alakan Tour Guides & Toller Timbers B&B
Former President Of Alaska Regional Tourism
 Bookings started to increase and they even began to sell out frequently.

Doreen spent more time booking trips and less time answering questions. 
The Last two years, they had record sales and profits

Doreen and Bob were ecstatic.

Doreen shared with me,
 “Many people overlook just how powerful these concept are to increase profits…because they seem so simple and easy…

When tourism operators apply your clear step-by-step advice, they will love how fast their sales improve.”
 Let’s face it when your marketing works better (especially online), other things get better too

You don’t want to waste your time and money on activities that just don’t work.

You need to follow a proven business and marketing strategy.

My point is… when you implement time-tested systems and strategies; you really can have the lifestyle, free time and extra money you have always dreamed of.

That’s what Tourism Marketing Success will give you.

I provide simple tips in easy-to-follow videos. Everything is outlined step-by-step, and can be applied in just a couple of hours…

Most of these tips will cost you next to nothing to implement and can actually help you LOWER your marketing costs because all of your marketing will work better!

Even if you are a technical dunce or understand nothing about websites or marketing online… just follow the videos, apply the tips and you’ll start seeing results almost immediately.

Imagine if you had a daily stream of prospect emails and qualified calls excited about booking your trips, your lodge, using your travel consulting service or visiting your destination…

Imagine selling out frequently, even though you raised your prices…
Imagine Getting Inquiries, Sales and Profits
Way Beyond Your Dreams…
For over 20 years I have helped thousands of tourism professionals from around like world, people just like you, apply these secrets to their marketing. Secrets that turn travel shoppers into travel buyers… guaranteed.

Up until recently the only way you could get this profit-producing recipe was by spending thousands of dollars for private consulting with me personally. And for many savvy tourism business owners, it has been one of the best investments they have ever made.

But don’t take my word for it…
“Appreciate your help Tim… to see
how simple it was”
“I did your worksheet and created a template from your course…I added it to our website and emails. I spent less than 2 hours. It was that easy. I slowly implemented the changes and saw a 30% Increase in sales

I encourage anyone to do this. If they are investing any money in advertising you need to know what you are advertising and how to do it correctly.”

Jimmie Jack Drath, Founder, Jimmie Jack Lodge – Alaska

“#1 in Tripadvisor”
“I highly recommend Tim, he is an expert that will help get results fast”
Nancy Mertz Prichard, Co-Owner: Sea Kayak Adventures, Global
Winner: “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth”
National Geographic Adventure Magazine
“I owe no small part of my success to
Tim’s sage advice”
Mike Brcic , Founder, Sacred Rides
Rated #1 Mtn. Bike on Earth
National Geographic Adventure Magazine
“Increased our sales over 800%
over 6 years”

“I started working with Tim in 1992. His ideas on marketing and help in implementing helped us achieve an increase in sales over 800% over a 6-year period. Baja AirVentures went from a small start up company to among the top player in our market! Thanks Tim. You helped turn my dream into reality”   

 Kevin Warren: Owner: Las Animas Ecolodge. Baja, Mx.
Featured in MSNBC, LA Times, New York Times,
Men’s Journal and many more…

#1 Tripadvisor Specialty Lodging in Baja California
“the #1 best Return on Investment (ROI) we have done”

“Our brochure was heading to the printer..but at the last moment, I was able to stop and make some crucial changes–it was so easy,
Tim! Our 2011 tour sales were up 45%, 2012 up another 25% and 2013 is looking great!

Our investment in your course, trainings and coaching is by far the #1 best Return on Investment (ROI) we have done in our many years in business.…and we’ve spent well over $100,000 in advertising, tradeshows, pay-per-click, etc. marketing.

Doreen Toller:
Co-Owner, Alakan Tour Guides & Toller Timbers B&B
Former President Of Alaska Regional Tourism
The problem was my schedule was packed and I could only help a limited amount of people.

But I knew that a lot of tourism business owners could use some help.

So I sat down and put together what I had learned over two decades. Some of my best tips, tricks, secrets, and resource was written down and recorded.

Look, I know that you’re probably really busy running your business. You need something that will improve your maketing sales right away…

Something so simple, even an 8 year old could do it.Tourism marketing guarantee.

That’s why I made this course non-technical and super easy to understand… with simple tips that you really can learn and apply each week in just a couple hours.
The system that I created is “Tourism Marketing Success©” (TMS). 
Everything You Need to Turbo Charge Your Travel Business
and Turn It Into a Sales Cash Machine Fast!
“2 New Sales From Our Website Worth $4,000!”

“Tim, our Alaska fishing lodge travel website got its second booking today. By the way, both the guys who booked, did it right from the website – no video or other info needed. This is a huge credit to your tourism marketing help, website design and tour marketing strategy. Thanks Tim!”
The late Jerry Austin, Austin’s Alaska Adventures
Iditarod Hall of Fame Charter Inductee
18 time finisher of the Iditarod dog sled race
TMS is the most powerful collection of videos, tools, advice, examples, checklists and strategies available anywhere.

You’ll receive all the guides, resources and easy step-by-step instructional videos on how to turn your travel website and all of your tourism marketing into a sales conversion cash machine.

Everything you need to sell more travel online, increase your ranking in the search engines, promote your website and explode profits beyond anything you’ve previously experienced.

The best part is you can start improving your marketing message and sales right away…

Just follow the quick-start guide I’ve included and you can’t go wrong.
In less than 2 hours, you’ll have a proven marketing strategy up and running, ready to start sucking in the sales for your tour, travel or hospitality business.
And like I said earlier, many of the strategies in the course will cost you nothing to apply.

In fact, you’ll end up lowering your marketing costs and saving time too! (I keep repeating that because I want you to understand how powerful this course is!)

Just click where I click, do what I do and you can’t fail!
It really is that easy!
Here’s Everything You Get in Your Travel Marketing Success Online Program:

1. Tourism Marketing Success Manual

A ridiculously simple step-by-step guide guaranteed to increase your sales and profits…regardless of the economy!

This quick reading guide is the foundation to the entire system/course. It gives you a solid base to grow your business to new levels of sales and profits quickly and easily. You can get through the whole guide fast – in less the 2 hours.

Here are some of the powerful strategies you will learn:
  • How to get more eyeballs in front of your marketing fast.
  • My Sales conversion secrets. These will allow you to literally DOUBLE your business in 90 Days or less.
  • 3 ways to blast your referrals and profits into the stratosphere, (it takes less then 2 hours… and you’ll start seeing results the next week)
  • The #1 concern of travelers and would-be travelers everywhere… and how you can use it to your advantage. (Hint: it’s gotten a lot worse since 9/11, even though it was always there).
  • 3 little known secrets you simply must share with prospects before they call or e-mail you! (Especially if you offer any tour or destination where there’s been any trouble, unrest or natural disaster.)
  • The proven way to build your website that will turn shoppers into buyers… guaranteed.
  • Simple and easy, step by step guidance. You can do this even if you’ve never built a website before.
  • How to transform your “Dead on Arrival” website into one that generates a flood of new inquiries and sales.
  • Things will improve so fast and easy, you’ll wish you had found these marketing secrets long ago.
  • The hidden psychological ‘buying triggers’ that all consumers have. Learn how to plant these into your sales message in just minutes…and watch your competitors weep with envy.
  • The surest way to promote little known destinations or tours to create a flood of new visitors. Apply this to your website in just a couple hours and watch your “bounce rate” get cut in half and your retention and visitors more than double fast!
  • The 4 critical elements of any marketing piece. Leave out even one of these and the effectiveness of your marketing takes an immediate nosedive! (This is why most travel websites are “Dead on Arrival”)
  • The 3 Secret keys that make people instantly prefer you over the competition. I’ll show you how to apply it to all your marketing in less than five minutes.
  • How to have your best clients selling for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Learn the “1 hour a week” strategy on where and how to leverage all those happy clients into lucrative, no-cost referral sources.
  • My insider secrets that will have your phone ringing non-stop with new customers. Start increasing sales FAST.
  • Exclusive customer-only tips, short cuts and revealing examples of successful tourism marketing you can swipe to turbo charge your profits. Let me do the heavy lifting for you. The website examples you’ll get will save you countless hours of trying do it yourself.
  • Key tourism sites and how you can use them to quadruple positive reviews and sell more travel… in less than 15 minutes a day.
  • The 3 social media sites you must be in and how to invest less then 1 hour a week in them to generate an awesome no-cost source of new leads and sales.
  • How to radically increase sales in less then two hours using something so simple, most pros completely overlook it!
  • The secret “One-Minute” strategy that’s gets your best clients selling for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for FREE.
  • The one crucial website to use to make your reputation soar!
  • An easy new way to easily double your sales. (This is something that few of your competitors even know about.)
  • Simple strategies to get 5-star reviews and tons of referrals – in less than 5 minutes a day.
This guide contains the best of what I know about creating super-successful tourism marketing.
2: Ultimate Online Success Step by Step Videos

I created these videos for those of you who feel “technically challenged” or don’t have much time to spend on your website.

The truth is, you’d rather be running your business, not doing all that “techy” stuff!

These simple short videos will cover everything you need to know about how to utilize your website and all the tools available online.

I’m going to cover things like:
  • The simple 3-step system you can apply in only 10 minutes per page, to make your website search engine friendly and improve your ranking…
  • The free website that gives you traffic, improves your search engine ranking AND get’s you FREE publicity – all at the same time.
  • How to secretly discover your competitor’s online marketing strategies and then use them to your advantage. This one tip is worth the entire course alone!
  • How to reach millions of highly targeted travel prospects in 15 minutes or less.
  • The critical factors you must have in your website to succeed online. Without them, you will never show up in the search engines or get the website traffic you need.
  • The 5 most common mistakes that webmasters make that damage your page rank AND sales… and what you can do to avoid them. After you watch this one video you will know how to double-check your webmasters work in under 2 minutes.
  • Get the simple 30-second trick that will help insure your webmaster has used the key words you need to show up in the search engines. I’ll show you how you can use simple secret to “reveal your competitors” online marketing strategies… with just 1 click.

Just follow the simple steps I outline in your quick start guide and videos. You’ll start to see quick results after applying only a few of the strategies that I reveal. All of which you can access just a few minutes from now.
You Will Receive Your
Tourism Marketing Success System Instantly
Just log onto your private member’s area and get everything you need to ramp up your marketing success.

Dig in immediately and you could start seeing results as early as tomorrow morning

But before we get into that, I want to be absolutely certain that you will succeed.

That’s why I am including 3 special bonuses below:
Special Bonus : Private Case Study Videos

Why reinvent the wheel?

Just “borrow” these proven sales-generating strategies and watch your profits soar!

I’m going to take you behind the scenes and let you watch over my shoulder as I dissect Travel Websites in real-time video and discuss exactly what needs to be done to improve them. These clients paid me thousands for these reviews… and you get all that private coaching insight absolutely free.
See how the top travel and hospitality companies create profitable streams of qualified leads and sales online 24/7… and how you can too… fast! 

Tons of examples for you to copy to super-charge your online sales quick and easy.

PLUS… You’ll get Simple marketing “Swipe Files” that will save you tons of time and lower all your marketing costs… guaranteed!

You’ll learn some great stuff here, including:
  • How to radically increase sales in less then two hours using something so simple, most pros completely overlook it!
  • The secret “One-Minute” strategy that’s gets your best clients selling for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for FREE.
  • The one crucial website to use to make your reputation soar!
  • An easy new way to easily double your sales. (This is something that few of your competitors even know about.)
  • Simple strategies to get 5-star reviews and tons of referrals – in less than 5 minutes a day.
Order YOUR Tourism Marketing Success System Right Now!

If things are in such a bad state that you have to carefully ponder getting this system … then you can’t afford NOT to grab it immediately!
But still, let me ‘sweeten the pot’ just a little more…
When You Order Today You Will Also Get
These Exclusive FAST-Action Bonuses… FREE
How To Use Simple, Low-Cost Audio and Video Tools To Guarantee More Travel Sales!
This Audio includes #1 proven strategy for travel advertising.
  • How to get iTunes marketing to millions of your best travel prospects fast and for FREE!
  • 3 quick and easy strategies to get your top clients selling for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • How to save time while also lowering your marketing costs. The full scoop on this simple program I use to create my own global online radio station … and how you can too.
Simple & Easy Strategies That Get You A Lifetime of Free Website Traffic and Publicity!
94% of all travel research and over 50% of all travel booking is done online.

You simply cannot start, grow – or even survive – in the travel industry for long unless you have high converting traffic coming to your website.

The key is search engine ranking. In only 1 hour, you will learn when SEO is done right, it can be your most powerful and cost effective route to a ton of qualified travel prospects who are looking for what you’re selling.

You’ll discover:
  • 5 Simple strategies to choosing keyword phrases guaranteed to super charge your traffic
  • The little known secret to higher page ranking that most webmasters won’t reveal… and how you can use that to your advantage. Dave shares this secret in the first 15 minutes.
  • Case studies of real travel websites and the strategies they used to earn top ranking, profitable sales, and sold-out seasons.
In this bonus audio seminar, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert Dave Johnson shows you quick and easy how to achieve top search engine ranking.

By now, you’re probably wondering… “Tim, this is a crazy amount of information… how much will it cost me?!?”

Let’s look at what you would pay if you purchased each of these items separately…
  • Tourism Success Marketing Guide $97.00
  • Ultimate Online Success Step by Step Videos $407.00
  • Private Case Study Videos $458.00
  • Fast-action Bonuses $196.00
  • 1 on 1 website conversion coaching with Tourism Tim $600
Total Value $1758.00
That’s over $1750 value for this entire package!

But you’re not going to pay anywhere near that price.

Like I said earlier, times are tough. And if you’re in the same situation I found myself in all those years ago… then every dollar counts.

So here’s what I am going to do: I’m going to make this entire simple system – all the videos, the guides, the audios and the private coaching session with me personally available to you for…

A single payment of $597.

(I’m even willing to let you break that up into 7 payments of $93. It’s a little cheaper for the single payment, but if you can’t afford that then you REALLY need this system!)
And, as always, I Personally Guarantee Your Satisfaction And Success
With This 100% Money-Back Promise to You…
Order your Tourism Marketing Success System today.

Put my strategies to work as soon as possible and then monitor your results.

IF you don’t see a measurable increase in traffic, bookings, inquiries, sales or profits quick and easier than you thought was possible…

… then call me directly at: 800-707-7870 and ask for a full refund within 60 days. You’ll get 100% of your money back.

I’ll get it to you immediately. No hassle. No hard feelings.

And even if you take advantage of your refund option, all the bonus Seminars are yours to keep. (a US$196.00 value)
“This helped me actually enjoy marketing”
Jaya Marr
Co-Owner, Mountain Training School Patagonia and Alaska
So what are you waiting for… grab your own Tourism Marketing Success Online System and start exploding your business today!
Here’s What You Need to Do If You Are Not
Frequently “Sold Out”
Look… If you don’t have a lots of prospects, high occupancy or sell out frequently, you really need this system. If your profits are not where you need them to be, you really need this system.

No matter if you are a total start-up with no experience in marketing… or a seasoned pro, if you want to improve your bottom line and realize your dreams, you need to get this systems.
In No Time… You’ll Be Smiling All the Way to the Bank
You don’t have to wait or pay expensive production or shipping cost. Within 5 minutes you can have access to the entire system so you can start learning and earning now.

You’ll Be Granted Immediate Access To Everything: The Tourism Marketing Success System, Step-By-Step Videos And All The Bonuses…

PLUS: Your Free Private Consultation Worth with me $500…

Just For Taking Immediate Action Today!

Here’s The 3 Simple Steps When You Click The Orange “Add to Cart” Button Below

1. You’ll immediately be on our 100% No-Risk Order Confirmation Page. You choose one of two payment options.

2. This brings you to our VeriSign, McAfee & Norton 100% Secure Checkout Page. Select Your Method of                 Payment, (Including PayPal) And Click the Green “Submit Order” Button.

3. Finally, you’ll create your member’s only account in 20 seconds to access the course immediately …

Simple. Safe. Fast.

And to make it really easy for you, after you log in, you’ll get a personal “quick start” video from me as I quickly walk you through each simple section of the program.

I show you the entire system and I tell you where you should start, what order to watch the videos in and even the exact steps you need to take to get started immediately.

In less then 30 minutes from right now, you can start to learn and apply these sales-producing strategies… and start to see results next week.
“A Huge Help Fast”
“Tim, I read through your guide immediately and started working on my Defining/Credibility Statement.

It is a huge help as I design my brochure.”

Rick Cowley, Owner, New Wave Trips
I even made sure you could download the guides, checklists, the videos and audios direct onto your computer or mobile device including iPhones and iPads. Learn when ever and where ever you are fast, quick and easy.
Here’s How to Get Even More From Your Investment
I encourage you to share your course with direct associates, employees and assistants in your company. Who else out there asks you to do that? Usually they tell you that your order is for you ONLY, no sharing allowed!

REALITY CHECK: When everyone is united in a common goal… you increase your sales, profits and success… and even quicker and easier.

I know it works. I hear from people all over the globe, thanking me for helping them to turn around their tourism, travel, or hospitality business.

You risk absolutely nothing. It’s all on my shoulders.
Get your 100% risk-free course right here…

A word of CAUTION…

Recently Doreen, (the Alaskan tour operator and B&B owner who had the 41% sales increase) shared the following with me:

“My direct competitor called me and said she was struggling. Her sales were way down, marketing costs were up. She didn’t know what to do. I am sorry Tim, but I will not be sharing your info with her.”
Don’t let your competition
get an unfair advantage!

Get this course… before they do!

Sure you could wait, come back later, but you may regret it.

I can’t guarantee you won’t pay a lot more.

My wife and customers like Doreen have told me that the high level of training and consulting in my course is way too cheap. (Remember, most of them had to pay thousands of dollars for this information!)

Plus, there is only so much consulting time to go around… when I’m booked, I’m pulling that bonus offer forever.

Your business or destination CAN be doing better and faster than you think…

Even if it’s ‘on the brink’, the simple marketing techniques presented here can pull you back onto safe, solid ground fast.

Your marketing – and the business or economic development it brings you and your destination – is about to embark on an amazing transformation.
Clients Agree
Business is better and profits higher since
implementing Tourism Marketing Success!
  • Leisure Group Travel
  • Adventures in Travel Expos
  • USAID: Mongolia
  • USAID: Dominican Republic
  • Adventure Engine
  • J.E. Austin Chemonics, Int.
  • Baja AirVentures
  • Whitewater Excitement
  • Austin’s Alaska Adventures
  • Another Land Cultural
  • Karma Quest
  • Alaskan Tour Guides
  • Toller Timbers
  • Bacardi Global Brands
  • Celebrate Virginia
  • Kalahari Management
  • Mariah Wilderness Expeditions
  • Maverick Business Adventures
  • and many, many more
  • Las Animas Ecolodge
  • Lost Campers, Inc.
Only a short time from now you could experience:
  • Less time answering questions. More time taking orders.
  • Your marketing costs cut in half.
  • Your sales have doubled.
  • Having more time to do what you love.
  • More time with your family because you’re increased sales allowed you to hire more help.
  • You’ve hired staff to do all the stuff you don’t like to do. Finally, you get to live your dream!
  • Helping your community with great jobs and money spent by tourist.
  • Even going on vacation yourself. (Doreen and Bob went to Hawaii twice this winter!)
Just do me one favor…
When you crack open the champagne to celebrate your success, drop me a line to let me know about the amazing new results you’re achieving!
Order Immediately to Avoid Disappointment
100% Money-Back Guarantee.
Secure payments through paypal...
Here’s to your success!
Tourism Tim Warren
P.S. For most of you, when you improve your marketing and get only ONE new sale, you will more than pay for this entire program…

P.P.S. Here’s a summary of everything you will get in this system and what it would cost if everything was bought separately:
  • VIP website tourism marketing coaching with Tourism Tim: Over $500 in value
  • Tourism Marketing Success Online Program: Over $962 in value.
  • $196 in Instant Free Bonuses set aside for you with purchase today
  • 60 Day Risk Free, No Hassle, No BS 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Over $1,558 in total value!
P.P.P.S. If you want several copies of this sale-producing system for your tourism trade group, association, or school, contact me here for quantity discounts. And check with your accountant, because your purchase should be fully tax deductible.

Here’s a letter I received from the Mongolia USAID Chief of Party after my first consulting trip. They liked it so much they had me back again.
“The subject matter presented was immediately actionable…”
Many thanks for your great work recently in providing business and marketing training and consulting for The Competitiveness Initiative and the Mongolian Tourism Association. Your contribution to this project deserves particular recognition.

“Your workshops created a united group of delegates showing motivation and enthusiasm for learning. Your unique interactive style kept the attention of the group and brought about a deeper understanding of the concepts — even after 8 days of training and another 5 days of individual consulting.

“The subject matter presented was immediately actionable, and you even helped the attendees create simple tools for reaching goals fast.

“We would happily recommend you to any business or program needing business, marketing, operations, management, customer service, or strategic planning consulting and/or training’s for their tourism projects.”

Michelle Morgan, Chief of Party
The Competitiveness Initiative, Ulaan Bator, Mongolia
USAID funded Mongolia Tourism Development Project-2001
Here’s what Dan Austin who has been in the top five of Travel and Leisure Magazine’s “Best Tour Operator in the World” (4 Years in Row), had to say about me.
“Spend time with Tim…you’ll leave with tips you can apply to your tour business tomorrow”
Dan Austin: Founder: Austin Lehman Adventures
Winner: ”Best Tour Operator in the World”
Travel & Leisure Magazine
Remember, my commitment to you is Total Customer Satisfaction.

That includes a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Take 2 full months, apply what you’ve learned and see the difference it makes in your inquiries, bookings, and income. If you’re not convinced in that time, simply request a full refund. All the bonuses and gifts are yours to keep!

P.P.P.P.S. – Aw, what the heck. I didn’t want to make this letter any longer but I know some folks like to see LOTS and lots of favorable comments from customers and clients. So here’s a few more, plucked at random from the mailbag. (Starting with one from my own brother…)

“I don’t have the time or background to handle all the marketing and promotional details. Tim’s advice and direct actions have given me greater clarity on our company goals, created new services to sell, and seriously enhanced our revenues”

Kevin Warren
President, Baja AirVentures
“It is my pleasure to inform you of the utmost satisfaction our entire organization has experienced in working with Tim Warren. I trust his judgment, concerns and opinions.”
Dave Wiggins
Executive VP, GORP
“Tim – Clara and I would like to thank you for your time and your great ideas. Our initial investment was way more than worth it and we want to continue our relationship. The things we did wrong or not at all make us wish we had contacted you several years ago.”
Jerry Austin
Austin’s Alaska Adventures
Iditarod Hall of Fame Inductee
“I’ve been in business over 18 years and you have totally re-energized our business, and my enthusiasm, and increased our level of professionalism significantly. Thank you. I don’t know what I’d do without you!

“P.S. – Last month’s rafting season was the busiest in our history!”
Donna Hunter
Co-Owner, Mariah Wilderness Expeditions
“Thanks for the excellent job of the “Marketing, sales and operational analysis”. Working with you definitely gave us a great road map for us to do soft adventure travel tours in China”
Morgan Zhao
CEO, Panda International Adventures
“After 17 year of ‘defining our goals’, both Sue and I needed some inspiration to get moving again and your expertise in the travel arena was just what we needed. Our business has definitely benefited from the relationship. The weekly scheduled progress reports help keep us on schedule and define our short and long term goals.”
Dave Markam
Co-owner, Venture Outdoors
“Your consultation and guidance throughout the process was professional, informative, creative, and considerate. The analysis report you provided us contained a wealth of new approaches and suggestions that we know will yield greater profits.”
Bob & Kira Tremblay
Co-Directors, Mountain Lynx Outdoor Adventuress
“Your consultation has helped me better understand the secrets of marketing. I can now plan a marketing strategy that will achieve the best return on time and money.”
Terry Prichard
Owner, Sea Kayak Adventures
British Colombia & Baja, Mexico
“Tim has a gifted understanding of both the adventure travel industry AND the art of marketing. He was the obvious choice to assist us in developing our marketing and exposure plan for Adventure Travel Business”
Matt W.
Advertising Sales Manger, Adventure Travel Business Magazine
“Your in-depth consultation has helped me a great deal. Your exceptional professionalism has efficiently helped me achieve my goals”
Javier Chung
President, Tsanza Adventures
“You gave us a number of good ideas to use with the Panama project and answered a lot of substantive key questions that we had. Thanks again for your valuable help”
Richard Loth
President, Richann Corp.
“I have no doubt that our joining of forces will be truly beneficial for us”
Richard Loth
President, Richann Corp.
“I have no doubt that our joining of forces will be truly beneficial for us”
Sergio A. Ballivian
President, Explore Bolivia
“I’m glad to have Tim on our team … and would advise you to make him part of yours”
Dave Mulligan
Editor, Adventure Travel Business
“We have no hesitancy whatsoever in recommending you for any project connected with ‘Soft Adventure Tourism.’ We consider you one of our most valued consultants”
Leo Jacobson
President, Aquatels Caribbean Floating Suites
“Thank you for working with us. We appreciate your time, honesty, sincerity and creativity”
Norman & Carolyn Vaughan
Owners, Adventure Quest
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